451 Research: Composure.ai is a pioneer on hyper distributed cloud computing

Composure.ai set out to solve the problem of workload placement across highly distributed systems. It looks at all the workloads, systems and devices that constitute an HDCC architecture as one logical computing system. But intelligently determing where to place workloads and whether to move data to logic or logic to data is extraordinarily complex because there are so many potential options and decisions..

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McKinsey’s Perpetual-Evolution needs a Composable Cloud

McKinsey is out with a strategy for competitiveness in today’s digital world, calling for continual innovation in digital products and services. They’re right, of course, but in classic McKinsey fashion, they lay out the strategy without specifying the means for executing it.

This post helps fill that gap by describing the key system that companies need to succeed with McKinsey’s perpetual-evolution strategy.

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Do the Right Thing with Container Orchestration

“Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right,” said Peter Drucker. The legendary management savant could have been speaking about container orchestration, as the cloud operations world will soon discover. Till now, the industry has been obsessed with container launch speed, i.e., “doing the thing right”. This focus on launch speed is soon to be superseded by a focus on quality of scheduling decision, i.e., “doing the right thing”. 

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Self-Service IT

Self-service IT is an idea whose time has come, albeit in a transformative new way. Let’s start with the fact that today’s developers utilize an increasing variety of public and private cloud resources in creating custom apps and services. Plus they are allergic to human-based processes. Taken together, these developments lead to chaos and loss of control. Addressing them necessitates that IT turn itself into a cloud services provider, more about which later

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PredictionsDavid Hurwitz
IT Amnesia

IT has amnesia. It’s like the movie 50 First Dates. Drew Barrymore wakes up every morning with no memories of the prior day. Adam Sandler sets out to woo her. Every day, he has to start over nearly from scratch. 50 First Dates is a romantic comedy, so he gets the girl in the end. But the course of romance is achingly slow.

Does achingly slow progress sound familiar?

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