What The World Thinks of Composure



"After extensive research, we chose Composure.ai because it was the only tool that checked all the boxes: it’s un-opinionated, it doesn’t act as an additional barrier of entry for my developers, it provides the level of visibility and governance enterprise requires (without being restrictive at all), it solves my cross-cloud hybridization challenges, and it helps enable and optimize cloud-native architectures. Plus, it’s made by developers for developers, which means it’s programmable, transparent, and Composure.ai is committed to open source. I highly recommend it."

Joseph Leaver Innovation Solution Architect, Mercedes-Benz DAIMLER


"We at Cloud Academy want to provide the best platform to learn cloud computing, with hundreds of thousands of customers using our services every month. Our own cloud infrastructure is no small feat.
It can be challenging to configure cloud applications for security, resiliency and robustness, let alone optimizing their deployment, and figuring out when and how to scale automatically, and how to dynamically tweak a load balancer's weights. This is where Composure's Multi-Cloud Optimizer comes in. Not only is the specification of distributed cloud applications made easy, but also, under the hood, there are powerful algorithms to achieve concrete cost-savings while rendering the cloud-application more robust and secure."

Stefano Bellasio CEO, Cloud Academy Inc


"Organizations are deliberately relying on multi-cloud strategy in order to minimize the risk of data loss, downtime and cost. Therefore, optimization of cost, performance and security are the main challenges for cloud adoption. I am impressed by Composure’s innovative approach to tackle these problems by devising appropriate abstraction models for multiple cloud technologies and, then, building powerful algorithms that uniformly apply to both single and multi-cloud ecosystem."

Ravi Sandhu Executive Director and Chief Scientist, Institute for Cyber Security, UTSA


"We at PowerScout use AI and big data to help customers make smart decisons about their solar and other alternative technology choices. As we are modeling the entire US residential housing stock with over 100 billion datapoints, the performance and efficiency of our software is critical. We choose the Multi-Cloud Optimizer from Composure because it allows us to make optimal decisions about the way we deploy and scale our software as our business grows. Another critical factors for us was that with the MCO we are neither restricted in the design of our data processing software, nor in the cloud technologies we deploy on."

Attila Toth Founder & CEO, Powerscout


"I was really impressed with Composure's approach to cloud modeling and service representation. One of the toughest problems in cloud orchestration today is to be able to describe a workload, its dependencies, runtime requirements and linkage with external services all in one place and in a machine-readable format. The resulting graph can then drive the orchestration and optimization of the entire stack, improving agility and saving countless hours of manual work by an IT organization."

Nikos Senior technical staff, Major IT managed services provider


"Having done autoscaling and scheduling work on massively scalable systems both in research and industry, I find Compusre's autoscaling of Cassandra impressive since autoscaling database systems is complicated and risky. Their UI with the realtime signals is insightful and gives you all the visibility you'd need to make sure that your cluster scales effectively."

Osman Sarood PhD - Parallel Programming Lab, UIUC